OMTA is proud of Perry Forest APV Area Trail Riders! Wow, that’s kinda a mouthful (and takes forever to type!), so I’ll be calling them PFTR from here out. Also PFAATR could be pronounced “fatter”, so I’m sticking with PFTR unless told otherwise, LOL.

PFTR is based near Perry State Forest, and thew crew is heavily invested in preserving trails, and are heading up one of the best volunteer trail maintenance programs in the state. They are doing hands on labor in Perry State Forest on a regular basis. They are instrumental in clearing downed treas and brush every Spring before the trails opened.

Club president Ronda Pettit is on the OMTA Board Of Directors. Ronda brings a love of OHV recreation to the OMTA BOD, as well as a thoughtful, honest perspective to both local and state trail issues. We are very happy to have both Ronda and PFTR in the OMTA family!


Make sure to check out PFTR’s Facebook page by clicking here,  and of course check out the list of other OMTA clubs here.

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