Yesterday was one of three OMTA meetings of the year, and there were many issues discussed and agenda items voted on. The down turned economy has taken it’s toll over the last few years in many ways, one of which is many Ohio clubs have simply dissolved. As people worked hard to survive the tough times, many paid less attention to their hobbies (including riding), and participation and involvement in local clubs dwindled to the point that many clubs simply died off. This is not just isolated to Ohio either.

This is not good for our sport, as fewer clubs mean fewer people involved, and in the coming days OMTA will be making an announcement about a new program to help riders start local clubs. The detrimental effect carries over to the state association level as well, fewer people involved means there are vacant seats on the OMTA Board Of Directors.  We filled two of those vacant seats yesterday, and for the first time I recall we have 2 lady riders on the OMTA BOD, Meredith Mumaw and Ronda Pettit.

Meredith is a dual sport rider from Geauga County, Empress of OMTA’s newest Supporting Member Club Geauga Trail Riders (check out the list of OMTA clubs here), has been an OMTA member for several years, and has been regularly attending OMTA meetings. Yes, I really did say “Empress”, GTR is a quirky bunch of people…

Ronda is an ATV and SXS rider from the Perry State Forest area, president of another new club that is just getting up and running, Perry Forest Trail Riders, and also involved in ATV pulling competitions with her husband. Ronda has been an OMTA member for only a few months, but in multiple conversations with her I have seen very clearly how passionate she is about being involved in efforts to work for the riders.

Both of these lady riders have a lot of passion for the sport, and they are committed to taking the BOD responsibility seriously. They understand that we need BOD members who are involved, who represent the organizations to the riding public, and are committed to helping grow and strengthen OMTA. Good luck ladies!

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