Last fall I asked Ronda from Perry Forest Trail Riders to have her volunteer trail crew send me a wish list of what they would like in a trail maintenance rig. They sent me a tall order, but as they had been doing great work on the ground in Perry already I knew their requests were well founded.  A little dump cart to pull behind an ATV, chainsaws, shovels, safety gear. The last item on the list was a half joking comment “oh, and an enclosed trailer to put it all in, just kidding”.

I really liked the idea of a trailer to put it all in because that would take this project to another level. Having it all contained and portable would mean that any OMTA member club that had a trail maintenance project could come get the trailer and all the tools inside. A mobile trail maintenance rig that can make an impact where needed.

I took that wish list and started drafting a grant proposal to get the equipment. We applied for a grant from Yamaha’s OHV Access Initiative. This required rounding up bids and quotes for each piece of equipment, some of them custom speced for us. Around Thanksgiving our application went to Yamaha headquarters by mail, and then it was time to wait. And wait…. Let me tell you I was nervous, this is new territory for me. Then came an email from the programming coordinator asking questions about trails in our state, how ODNR is doing on expansion, etc. Man that conversation made me more nervous. Time to wait some more…

Well TODAY while about 25 OMTA members, including a bunch from Ronda’s club, were taking the volunteer chainsaw safety course at Perry Forest in the cold and snow the official announcement came in the mail from Yamaha. We got the grant! Now i’m not going to divulge here exactly what is in this toey, err I mean tool box. We are going to wait for the official unvealing for that in a few weeks. This news was just too good not to share right away though!


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